Unbiased Services


 The Assurance Group


Our supervisors are educated regarding issues that may arise during visits, and how to address those issues in a productive manner so that the relationship between the parent and child can continue to grow and strengthen.

Our supervisors conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times, in order to ensure an environment that is positive and emotionally safe for everyone involved.

Keeping families connected...

"I knew I liked The Assurance Group! I wish all of my cases were this easy." - Judge

"Thank you for being so helpful and professional during this difficult time!" -Parent 

"I absolutely love The Assurance Group. I know they will always do what is best for the child." -Attorney "I am so relieved to have someone involved who is only looking out for my child!" -Parent

The goal of The Assurance Group is to keep family members connected in a manner that is safe and secure, and that fosters the growth of the relationship ~ regardless of which parent is involved..

Educated Supervisors

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           Providing supervision of visitation

Professional Conduct